iGUi, a Brazilian Company with a serious and competent effort become the world’s largest fiberglass pool industry.

With factories in more than 40 countries, hundreds of dealerships units and thousands of people which works with exclusive services to iGUi with the goal to make the residential pool easier and pleasant.

Infrastructure with modern installations, high technology and qualified professionals which aim is to develop quality products and international standards.

Franchise iGUi

Dealerships System

iGUi offers to its dealers the strong and established brand, and extensive support through its main offices;

  • Rights to use the brand
  • Analysis and support to chose a location
  • Architectural projects available
  • Dealer manuals
  • Displays of pools and equipment
  • Marketing support
  • Free marketing campaigns development
  • Free Marketing material: Front signage (post), sales catalog, technical catalog, banners, promotional gifts, Advertisement in Internet
  • Differentiated delivery packages including pool warranty certificates, and Feedback/research postcards
  • Field consulting
  • Complete training to implement the dealership (technical, management, and commercial)
  • Training Courses
  • Annual International Convention
  • Grand Opening plan
  • Institutional marketing
  • Stands for events and fairs

Dealership requirements

To become an iGUi dealer, it is strongly recommended that the candidate demonstrates commercial and managerial abilities, including other characteristics such as:

  • Afinnity with civil construction
  • Affinity for the swimming pool market
  • Trust the dealership system staying in conformity with standards and rules
  • Organizational skills and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Dedicate exclusively for the business, being required to be present on daily operations
  • Reside on the same municipality of the business

An iGUi dealer must manage the dealership emphasizing the commerce and installation of the swimming pools, a thorough customer care, the managing process of the employees and general monitoring of the operations.

It is imperative to keep a good relationship with the franchisor (iGUi) and the Master Franchise (Factory), in addition to develop new commercial partnerships in a constant basis, and keep the promotional Brand standards, for network empowerment objectives.


The iGUi Group is in constant growth, and carefully analyzes the market in the area chosen by the candidate; in the case the city of your interest is not available at the moment, don't give up: the list of municipalities available to new dealers may change according to the development rate of a given region.